Hallmark Mother's Day commercial (2001)

Here are 6 video captures from Sarah's appearance in a Hallmark commercial in April 2001 for Mother's Day.
For video clips from this ad, go to the videos page.

The full size images will open in a new window. You could also just right-click on the thumbnails, and use "save link as" or "save target as" to save the pictures on your hard drive. The full size images are about 60 KB.
gmbc-SarahRush(Hallmark)-01.jpg gmbc-SarahRush(Hallmark)-02.jpg gmbc-SarahRush(Hallmark)-03.jpg
gmbc-SarahRush(Hallmark)-04.jpg gmbc-SarahRush(Hallmark)-05.jpg gmbc-SarahRush(Hallmark)-06.jpg