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Entry #126

Entry made April 15, 2002

Name: JohnW
Location: USA
Email: highest.mountain@angelfire.com

Your Homepage: www.ourvisionquest.com
Your Homepage Description: Planetary Vision Quest

Great web-site!!! I was searching for another Sarah Rush who is an artist, but found this instead.
I'm a sci-fi nut, too, so I enjoyed rummaging through your pages. I hope you get a moment to check out my web-site in turn. Thanks...

Reply: (by webmaster)
Nice site. It was fun browsing through it.

Entry #127

Entry made May 23, 2002

Name: Robert Bruce
Location: Orlando, FL
Email: braveheart1106@juno.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #128

Entry made May 28, 2002

Name: Betty
Location: Ontario, Canada
Email: er.br@sympatico.ca

Great looking site. Is there still hope of BSG returning with the original actors?

Entry #129

Entry made May 30, 2002

Name: Elizabeth Evans

This Web Site is fantastic! Sarah is such a talented actress! She has worked on several things recently, and I hope that you are able to keep us updated on her latest work. I believe that she was in the season finale of "Friends" and is in a movie with Tom Hanks this fall. Way To Go, Sarah! Keep up the good work!

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #130

Entry made June 23, 2002

Name: Anthony Herrod
Location: USA
Email: aherrod@ebiz3000.com

Your Homepage: www.ebiz3000.com
Your Homepage Description: The online marketer's knowledge nook

Just surfing...cool site.

Entry #131

Entry made June 24, 2002

Name: Giph
Location: the Netherlands

Your Homepage: www.giph.tk
Your Homepage Description: It's a Giph-thing

Hi there, Holland in da house ;-)
Nice Site!
Bye, Giph

Entry #132

Entry made July 3, 2002

Name: Paul Pisano
Location: U.S.A.
Email: ppisano561@aol.com

Hi Sarah, I am a fan of Battlestar Galactica. Rigel was cute. Now they want to destroy the show with a remade/re-imagined felgercarb. It is a sad day for the fans. Good luck. Paul

Entry #133

Entry made July 5, 2002

Name: Sanjay sharma
Location: London, England.
Email: snakeysharma@yahoo.com

Entry #134

Entry made July 17, 2002

Name: Olga
Location: Denver, CO
Email: princie1980@yahoo.com

WOW! I love the site and I'll be checking back periodically. I'm looking for the film "Joni" - is it available in video anywhere in the states??

Entry #135

Entry made July 25, 2002

Name: STER Alex
Location: France
Email: alxster@aol.com

Your Homepage: AOL-CEGETEL
Your Homepage Description: FRENCH SITE.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #136

Entry made August 25, 2002

Name: raul
Location: perú
Email: mylove@hotmail.com

Entry #137

Entry made August 25, 2002

Name: Robert K. Tarquinio
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Email: rktarquinio@juno.com

Interesting. I'd like to see her comments regarding efforts to produce a new Battlestar Galactica movie and TV series and if the movie and TV series get produced will she get to be involved in the productions.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #138

Entry made September 19, 2002

Name: Michael P. Owen
Location: Seattle, WA
Email: owenmp@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: www.serv.net/~owenmp/swathome.html
Your Homepage Description: Seattle Washington Autoduel Team

Message: (To Sarah)
Dear Ms. Rush,

Happy Birthday! When searching for BSG information on the Internet recently, it was a wonderful surprise to see a Web site about the actress in BSG who had a cool hairstyle and was not used enough in the series. :o)

If a BSG computer game is ever produced, I hope you would consider returning as Rigel, giving the player commentary during gameplay on the status of his/her Viper and missions like in the MechWarrior series.

Best wishes,

Michael P. Owen
Molecular Biologist
Seattle, WA

Entry #139

Entry made September 20, 2002

Name: ric
Location: houston
Email: bilbo77072@aol.com

thanks to Sarah for being amazing, and to the webmaster for creating this site.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #140

Entry made October 18, 2002

Name: alan
Location: england

Your Homepage: haven't got one
Your Homepage Description: none

Hi Sarah just to say you were very good in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA hope to see you in the new series if it ever get's made you are a good actress and your character was one of the best in BATTLESTAR of the female cast

Entry #141

Entry made November 5, 2002

Name: Bruce Evers
Location: Atlanta, GA
Email: everskraft@yahoo.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #142

Entry made November 5, 2002

Name: Jane Brooks
Location: Pennsylvania
Email: janieb1958@yahoo.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #143

Entry made November 8, 2002

Name: Rev. Dr. Bradley Carey
Location: USA
Email: drbcarey@netscape.net

Your Homepage: www.christianworks4u.org
Your Homepage Description: Christian ministry and Bible College

Really great website. Sarah Rush did a really great job in BattleStar Galactica and in Years of the Beast.

God Bless you in all you do,


Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #144

Entry made November 12, 2002

Name: obina chikalu
Location: nigeria
Email: cdie@yahoo.com

keep up the good work alive always.

Message: (To Sarah)
i love your site keep up the good work.

Entry #145

Entry made November 13, 2002

Name: Donald Locke
Location: Portland Ore.
Email: lockesdc@aol.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #146

Entry made November 16, 2002

Name: Paulinecalvin
Location: sebring, florida
Email: paulinecalvin@tnni.net

dear Sarah, Send us an

E-Mail                 Love Pappy

Entry #147

Entry made December 7, 2002

Name: matt
Location: boston
Email: mtoker33@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: www.easterncorner.com
Your Homepage Description: online retailer

Very good web page.Thanks...

Entry #148

Entry made December 11, 2002

Name: Clara
Email: clara@hannibal.net

Your Homepage: www.carlhose.com/clarascottage/Clarascottagehome.htm
Your Homepage Description: Retail unique items from all over the world.

Great web site. Easy to navigate.

Entry #149

Entry made January 28, 2003

Name: Ben
Location: Berlin, Germany

I love you Sarah! You were the only reason for me watching Battlestar Galactica when I was a teenager. Please forgive me this indecent talking about gone-away youth. Of course, I was only talking about myself! You will always remain the ageless lovely beauty loved by so many humble fans like me. And please forgive my poor English, I just wanted to offer you a bunch of roses and step back. Thank you for all!

Entry #150

Entry made February 17, 2003

Name: Pete Bova
Location: CT
Email: pbova@hotmail.com

Just wanted to stop in and say hi and comment on the site. Looks great. Been by a few times but this is the first time I had the chance to sign the guest book. Gonna head back and scope the rest of the site.

Message: (To Sarah)

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