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Entry #101

Entry made July 14, 2001

Name: Mike Secord
Location: Ontario, Canada (moving to Alberta very soon)
Email: webmaster@sarahrush.com

Your Homepage: This one

Decided to post the first of the second 100 messages.

Message: (To all visitors)
Hello everyone.
If you are a newcomer, welcome to this site about a truly marvelous actress, Sarah Rush. If you are an "old timer", :o) welcome back.
I hope you enjoy what you have seen here thus far, and I hope to see you back later for more. If you have not yet signed this guestbook, please do. This gives you a way to send a message to Sarah, and to let us know what you think of this site. If you have ideas for this site, either email me, or use the feedback form that was at the introduction page. Much work on this site has been done with the feedback and assistance of others like yourself.


Entry #102

Entry made July 16, 2001

Name: Charlene S Donatello
Location: Florida
Email: cdlegend40@hotmail.com

Your Homepage: http://geocities.com/Rag_Tag_Fleet
Your Homepage Description: site dedicated mainly to Battlestar Galactica as well as other great scip-fi venues

HI Sarah! And congrats to Mike for a great website !
Twenty-some years ago, a bright-eyed young woman sat on the bridge of the sole surviving Battlestar called Galactica. Her job was to relay messages from Core Command to the viper. In a routine or an emergency, her voice was alway calm, alway unwavering, always there to "transfer controls to viper probe." Needless to say, the actress who played this woman was not expecting more than a supporting role in this show. What she became was a legend along with the other regulars from Battlestar Galactica. Her soft, cherib-like face, her lovely long hair, and her voice will live forever in the annals of tv history. Like Lt. Uhura of Trek fame, she held down the communications end of an enormous ship. Sarah, I did not forget you and I know that true fans will agree that you were as critical a part of the crew as some of the others. I am happy to know that you are getting along well and I am pleased as I know you must be that someone has come along and given you the recognition you!
deserve. I hope to see you on the bridge of the Galactica once again in 2002.
Mike, what can I say. Great job! Nice site! Sarah will be remembered by new fans as well!
Keep up the wonderful work

Entry #103

Entry made July 18, 2001

Name: Norma Mason
Email: normamason@msn.com

The Best realistic portraial of a Flight Corporal was Sarah in Battlestar

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #104

Entry made July 18, 2001

Name: Aaron
Location: Califonia
Email: aaronancient@hotmail.com

Dear: Sarah
I hope that yourself, and the others get into the new "Battlestar Galactica." Other wise we just might start calling it "Galactica 1980: The Rebirth Of A Failure."
Would actually like to see you get an episode, or two a season where you character is featured.
Was your character ever supposed to be a viper pilot, or was she already?
Do you have any glamour photos?
Do you have any photos from "Dr. Strange?" I found/find it hard to believe you were the same person!
I would like to see you the three of you; Anne Lockhart, Laurette Spang, Yourself, find Maren Jensen. At least just to find out that shes still O.K. She vanished, she should reappear at least to show shes still O.K..
Thank You!

Entry #105

Entry made July 27, 2001

Name: Daniel Morris
Location: Waynesburg, PA
Email: vicoa@vicoa.com

Your Homepage: www.greenemessenger.com
Your Homepage Description: Newspaper

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #106

Entry made July 28, 2001

Name: Jim Scott
Location: Waynesburg Pa.
Email: quickdraw68@hotmail.com

Was reading the news paper where Sarah made a bet on rainday in Waynesburg,and she had a web site. So I just tried www.sarahrush.com and here I am.

Entry #107

Entry made July 29, 2001

Location: SALINA, KS


Entry #108

Entry made Aug 5, 2001

Name: Debbie Bailey
Location: Burnaby BC,Canada
Email: debra@cprompt.ca

Your Homepage: www.cprompt.ca/battlestar
Your Homepage Description: Battlestar Columbia- B fan club.


Entry #109

Entry made August 9, 2001

Name: Debbie Bailey
Location: Burnaby BC, Canada
Email: debra@cprompt.ca

Your Homepage: www.cprompt.ca/battlestar
Your Homepage Description: Battlestar Columbia-B

Message: (To Sarah)
Please check out my website for the BSG Victoria BC Canada convention and also the battlestarfanclub.com and battlestarPegasus.com

Entry #110

Entry made Aug 10, 2001

Name: John Baldridge
Location: Lexington,Kentucky
Email: j_baldridge@fclegalaid.org

Finally!!! A site for one of the most awesome,yet underused actresses. Sarah's work on Galactica was superb. I say this not just because when I first(and even now) watched it I had an obsession about her. Healthy obsession that is. She is so great to look at!! Thank you for a very very long overdue site to a great actress!

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #111

Entry made Aug 12, 2001

Name: Michael Whitington
Email: michael@whittington.com

Love the web site... And great work being done on it.....

Message: (To Sarah)
I love Sarah... I've had a crush on her since the first time I laid eyes on her back in 1978, in Battlestar Galactica......
I'm so pleased that there is a site to tell about her work.

Entry #112

Entry made Aug 13, 2001

Name: Danny Will
Location: As Of Aug. 15th, back home in Pahrump,NV.

Your Homepage:
Your Homepage Description:

I think that Miss.Rush is TOTALLY AWESOME when I first saw her on Battlestar Galactica...
WOW! I think she's SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Hey don't get me wrong ALL OF THE LADIES ON THE GALACTICA ARE SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! It's just that Sarah had caught my eye and Sarah if you should happen to see this I'd just like to say that I had (and still do) a crush on you... I hope that's okay? Well anyway it time to pull out "The Long Patrol" and watch it! Take Care and hope to see you at the "WODERCON" in 2002 I'd BE REALLY HONORED if I could meet you in person!!!!!

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #113

Entry made Aug 21, 2001

Name: Debbie Bailey
Location: Burnaby,BC Canada
Email: debra@cprompt.ca

Your Homepage: www.cprompt.ca/battlestar
Your Homepage Description: Battlestar Columbia-B

Great website,keep up the great work.
Please visit my site and listen to my voice messages.
Commander Aegina

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #114

Entry made Sept 1, 2001

Name: Baltar4
Location: Right now Atlanta-Y'all

Message: (To Sarah)
Heard your letter at DragonCon today 09/01/01 and think your a very classy lady and actress and I know at least 600 people in Atlanta that want you in the new series and I hope that millions more get to see that. Your letter drew a lot of applause.

Entry #115

Entry made Sept 8, 2001

Name: Merry Dorean
Location: Jefferson, PA
Email: jdorean@waynesburg.edu

Message: (To Sarah)
Hello Sarah - it makes me smile to see that you have all this love and support. Now I will be able to watch some of your work. I don't think we had a TV back when you were first on. Cathy was asking me about you recently - she didn't realize there were some write-ups about you in the Messenger, and was very interested to hear about you.  I'm smiling.  love Merry

Entry #116

Entry made Sept 23, 2001

Name: Greg Nord
Location: Wenatchee, Washington
Email: life.incarnate@verizon.net

Paul told me about this, so i stopped by. For some reason, i have no working audio in my 'puter, so i wasn't able to view any clips. :^(

Entry #117

Entry made Oct. 15, 2001

Name: kyle clark
Location: birmingham, alabama
Email: kylec1701@aol.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #118

Entry made Oct. 24, 2001

Name: Dave Cox
Location: California
Email: coxdj@msn.com

Your Homepage:

Cool website. Found whule I was surfing the web.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #119

Entry made Feb 5, 2002

Name: Fredrica
Location: Mansfield, MA USA
Email: B5femail4u@yahoo.com

Your Homepage: www.code7r.org/
Your Homepage Description: The Secret Realm Of The Ranger

Well done. Thanks for the referral Paul. I am sure a number of Babylon 5 fans are glad for the link. Sci-Fi rules !!!

Entry #120

Entry made March 7, 2002

Name: Veronica
Location: Trondheim, Norway

Hey someone wished for me to sign the guestbook :) how about some more non-movie clip pictures of Sarah? anyway heehee it's a nice site, unfortunately i haven't seen any of those movies. maybe someday i will :O) Hugs to Paul in LA (lower Alabama ;))

Entry #121

Entry made March 13, 2002

Name: Dan Braverman
Location: Galveston, Texas
Email: usaskills@aol.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #122

Entry made March 17, 2002

Name: Rick Dack
Location: Minneapolis
Email: adcommunications@usfamily.net

Your Homepage: www.adcommunications.org
Your Homepage Description: Multimedia Bible Archaeology

Message: (To Sarah)
Sarah, Wow! I never knew you had a web site! I remember you from "The Seekers" i wish they had done "The Furies" i wanted to see you get that Kent Print House back. OK, I took the film too seriously.

I noticed that many of your films have a faith based theme. Do you take roles intentionally with a moral theme? You did Joni, Years of the Beast and the Prodigal (i assume its a faith based film) Whats the deal? I think its great! Spill your guts.

Jerry Houser(Yrs of the Beast)also did many faith based films. Spill his guts too ok?

Wishing you all the best,

Rick in Minneapolis

Entry #123

Entry made March 18, 2002

Name: Matt Pritchard
Location: Boston, MA
Email: mattpritch@yahoo.com

Great site!! You are a good woman, Sarah.

Entry #124

Entry made March 22, 2002

Name: Al Carpenter

Great site. Please add more of Sarah's voice work. I would love to hear more of what she sounds like today. (the Hallmark commercial was so short)

Message: (To Sarah)
Sarah, I have always loved your voice. I remember recording Battlestar Galactica and playing your "Ready to launch, acknowledge when ready" line over...and over... and over. That and those cute braids...

I hope that Sarah finds a place (major role) in the new Battlestar Galactica.

...and over...

Entry #125

Entry made April 14, 2002

Name: Sarah Rush (a different one)
Location: a state
Email: Soccerbabe12489@aol.com

My friend told me that there was a site called sarahrush.com so I decided to sign the guestbook!

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