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Entry #76

Entry made June 8, 2001

Name: Charles F. Millhouse
Location: Athens, Ohio
Email: cmill@frognet.net

What would the bridge of the Galactica be with out her.
Thanks for the pics.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #77

Entry made June 8, 2001

Name: Farley Toothman
Location: Mt. Carmel Road
Email: toothman@greenepa.net

Entry #78

Entry made June 10, 2001

Name: Norman Wolf
Location: Regina, SK Canada
Email: rokk@microflash.com

I haven't explored all of the site yet, but I like what I see. One of my favourite movies is Battlestar Galactica. I definitely enjoyed Sarah as Rigel in that movie, and would enjoy seeing her reprise her role in the new series when it airs.

Entry #79

Entry made June 12, 2001

Name: Anthony Deluca
Location: Toronto/Canada
Email: adeluca@ca.ibm.com

Dear Sara,
Hope all is well. I am sure you are as excited as the rest of us regarding the new BSG. I am a big fan of the old show/characters.
I hope to see you re-prise your role in the new series. It would not be the same without you or the others. I remember one specific scene from the original which sticks in my mind. It was the scene in the 'movie' where the cylons were attaching the colonies and a shot of you viewing this on the screen. You were very emotional and the acting was great even though you said nothing. It brought a tear to my eye.
Good luck Sara in this or any other future endeavors.

Entry #80

Entry made June 15, 2001

Name: Kenneth Thomson Jr.
Location: Woodland Hills, California
Email: Raymar3d@aol.com

Your Homepage: www.demonslayers.net
Your Homepage Description: A site for my upcoming Medieval Fantasy film

Message: (To Sarah)
Hi! I just had the enjoyment of reading your interview at BattlestarGalactica.com, and wanted to offer my support to your return to be in the new show! I am one of the fortunate artists to have had the honor of working on Richard Hatch's trailer to bring back the show, and sincerely wish all of the original cast my best in returning to the quest for the shining planet known as earth. This time, let's give those cylons something to think about, eh? LOL!



Entry #81

Entry made June 16, 2001

Name: John McKenzie
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Email: davros@accesscable.net

Your Homepage: www.accesswave.ca/~davros
Your Homepage Description: Right now just my resume, but soon random stuff from a die hard geek will be included.

Hey, this is so unexpected, but great to see. I read the interview on battlestargalactica.com and ran over here to see it was true. :-) Wish you guys would lay off the javascript, but I do appreciate the work you put into this site. Thanks for doing it! Much appreciated!

Message: (To Sarah)
Hey, Ms. Rush, glad to read in your interview how well you are these days.

 Rigel may have technically been a "tiny" part, but your voice, and demeaner really stood out and I can guarantee that everyone who grew up watching BSG knows _exactly_ who the "ready to lauch" woman is. And you, and your talent embeded the character in our memories.

 In my part of the world, BSG has been rebroadcast in recent times. I was watching an episode with someone who had no clear memories of the show from 1970's. A scene with Rigel came up and this was the conversation:

 "Does that woman work 24 hour shifts? She is always the one launching the Vipers. She is on the bridge more than Adama and Tigh combined."
 "Now that you mention it, yes that is true..."
 "I bet her voice and instructions are so omniprescent that she runs the ship."
 "I have no doubt."
 "Yeah, she probably has the Colonial Warriors doing everything from doing her laundry to scouting out planets for her to take over and rule from her station on the bridge."

 Although I admit we are probably a little demented, the fact that you stood out enough to be a catalyst for such a conversation says alot about your BSG character and your on screen prescence. I absolutely wish you the best of luck in the future.

Entry #82

Entry made June 16, 2001

Name: Tim Lorenz
Email: Tallimp@aol.com

Message: (To Sarah)
It was great to run into your site. As a fan of BSG, I always wondered who you were, I remembered the Rigel character and thought you were cute, you still are.
God bless you,
Tim Lorenz

Entry #83

Entry made June 17, 2001

Name: BatGal

Your Homepage: http://pages.scifi.com/BatGal

We want Sarah as Rigel back with the rest of the original cast & themes! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!!

Entry #84

Entry made June 17, 2001

Name: J Ruffin
Email: tjruffin@yahoo.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #85

Entry made June 18, 2001

Name: Dale Schwartzenhauer
Location: Walla Walla, WA
Email: nwcc@bmi.net

Entry #86

Entry made June 19, 2001

Name: Billy Balls
Location: Denali, Alaska
Email: storyteller2@rocketmail.com

Message: (To Sarah)
Sarah, you get better with time, always upbeat and looking for the best in everyone. Something tells me your career is just getting started. I expect great things for you!

Entry #87

Entry made June 19, 2001

Name: Amy Doutt
Location: Waynesburg, PA
Email: idouttit@go.com

It's nice to see a sight supporting Sarah. She's a wonderful actress and any project would be better with her in it. Okay, I have to admit I'm biased. Sarah hails from my hometown, Waynesburg, PA. Everyone here wishes her well.
The producers of the new Battlestar Galactica would do much better if they cast Sarah and other members of the original cast. They would also do well to keep to the spiritual elements and not turn it into a sci-fi blow-um-up, gross-um-out type of show.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #88

Entry made June 20, 2001

Name: Joseph Velasquez
Location: Omaha Nebraska
Email: Sygnas@Worldnet.att.net

Your Homepage: Under construction

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #89

Entry made June 21, 2001

Name: William Hearn
Location: Texas City, TX
Email: whearn9999@aol.com

Excellent site. I look forward to the new additions coming soon.

Message: (To Sarah)
I just read your interview. I must say that you are a delightful person. It is refreshing to see someone bold enough to declare they are a Christian. You could very well be an inspiration for others. I must point out; there are no "small parts" on Battlestar Galactica. You always stood out & gave a realistic feel to the bridge. In closing, I'd like to also say that no matter how great the new Battlestar series is, it would be that much greater if you were involved. Take care & God bless!

Entry #90

Entry made June 22, 2001

Name: The Ancient One
Location: Canada
Email: psychicman@email.com

Your Homepage: www.bardic.on.ca/ancient
Your Homepage Description: Psychics page with Poetry

Sarah is a great talent and this is a wonderful site. BRAVO!

Entry #91

Entry made June 23, 2001

Name: Sal
Location: Florida
Email: AnakinA1@aol.com

Help bring back the original cast and thank you for bing a part of a classic television show. May the Lords of Kobol be with you.

Entry #92

Entry made June 24, 2001

Name: Ken
Location: Kansas City
Email: kde911@kc.rr.com

Entry #93

Entry made June 26, 2001

Name: Gretchen DeHaas Love
Email: gretchen-love@hotmail.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #94

(by website owner - Sarah Rush)

Entry made June 27, 2001

Name: Sarah Rush

Your Homepage: sarahrush.com
Your Homepage Description: This site
(link added by webmaster)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am so touched and honored by the unbelievably kind remarks of encouragement from so many people. Thank you so very much!!!!! God bless you!!!!!

Reply by webmaster:
I think I speak for all of us when I say:
"You deserve all the kind remarks of encouragement you've received, and more.
We look forward to seeing more of your appearances, many more."


Entry #95

Entry made June 30, 2001

Name: Vicki Kelly
Location: Boise, ID
Email: jkelly@internetoutlet.net

Hi Sarah

Sounds like your life is a happy one! I was unable to attend the 20 year BSG reunion but I did request a program book from that event. You were kind enough to take the time to sign it, and I just wanted to say thank you. I heard later that you had signed all the books that were sent out to non-attendees. Just wanted you to know we appreciated that.

I am looking forward to the new BSG series. I hope they have the good sense to include original cast members--my fingers are crossed. Anyway, thanks again Sarah! Hope to see you back in uniform very soon! -- V

Entry #96

Entry made July 1, 2001

Name: Ed Bishop
Location: Kansas City
Email: nhldots@yahoo.com

This is why I love the 'net!

Reply by webmaster:
It's why I love the net too. :o)

Message: (To Sarah)
I really enjoyed the interview. Sarah, you were always one of my favorites (I was a 14 year-old with a crush on you when the show premiered) and I hope the new producers have the wisdom to put you and the rest of the living cast members into the new show. Your upbeat responses in the interview and your Christian beliefs have made me a fan of yours for life.

Entry #97

Entry made July 3, 2001

Name: Jarkko Leino
Location: Finland
Email: jarkko.leino@sunpoint.net

A very well built Website. Nothing unnecessary, everything is just fine and usable. Great amount of information (and pictures). Thanks!

Message: (To Sarah)
Hi! Great to read about you from the interview. I'm a big fan of original Galactiga series. The story had quite an atmosphere, great acting, a good story, excellent special effects even to today's standards, good characters and nice dialogue. The show was at its best in the beginning when the drama was strongest and you were seen in the episodes. :-)

Too bad you didn't have a more air time in the show. I'd love to see you hang out with Apollo and Starbuck and do some action scenes. For me you were the most beautiful character in the show with such a bright face and gorgeous hair. I loved you braided hairstyle. I wish you could have worn it more.

Btw. One of the remarkable features of the Galactica show was the way it portrayed people as feeling humans with strong emotions. I am impressed by the tears the heroic pilot duo cast when hurt as well as the humor that sometimes captured the despair and confusion of the characters fittingly. :-)

Entry #98

Entry made July 5, 2001

Name: 2nddomia
Location: Ocala, Florida

Great site, you have some very dedicated fans and should be very proud of your beliefs and you career. Hope to see you in the new series! God Bless You!

Entry #99

Entry made July 8, 2001

Name: Ron Sigley
Location: Ashtabula, Ohio
Email: sigley1964@yahoo.com

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #100

Entry made July 13, 2001

Name: Carlee Odom
Location: Decatur, Ga

Great site!

Message: (To Sarah)
Has Sarah contacted the new producers yet? Please let us know.
Good Luck!

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