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Entry #251

Entry made April 25, 2004

Name: R.
Location: California

They couldn't have launched without you! Thanks for getting those Vipers off the Galactica!

Entry #252

Entry made May 2, 2004

Name: kumar prasad pathak
Location: NEPAL
Email: mizau@msn.com


Entry #253

Entry made June 12, 2004

Location: USA
Email: redfieldleader@yahoo.com

Found yor site from BattlestarGalactica.com. Although I don't remember your character, I think I would have had a crush on you. Your hair reminds me of Leia and thats all good back when I was 9 or 10. Glad to see you.

Entry #254

Entry made June 16, 2004

Name: William
Location: American Fork Utah
Email: starshipdriver1@yahoo.com

Sarah, you were great in Battle Star Galactica.

Entry #255

Entry made August 16, 2004

Name: Austin
Location: Washington D.C.
Email: Cavalierfan88@aol.com


Entry #256

Entry made August 24, 2004

Name: Gretchen (Snyder) Puentes
Location: Langley, WA
Email: greps@whidbey.com


Entry #257

Entry made September 28, 2004

Name: Dorothy Gumbert
Location: Nothing was entered.
Email: dgumbert@aol.com


Entry #258

Entry made September 28, 2004

Name: Paul Gene Tweed
Location: Telford,Tennessee USA
Email: pgtweed@yahoo.com

I love your website!It is great!

Dear Sarah: At mediablvd.com I have included Rigel in a fanfic titled Battlestar Galactica:Reflections.(Think Classic Star Trek's Mirror,Mirror episode and you'll get the idea.)It's on page 2.I was sad to hear of the fire destroying your home.I pray everyone is safe and well!If it doesn't violate SAG rules please let me know what you thought of Reflections.

Entry #259

Entry made September 30, 2004

Name: Blaine Davis
Location: Detroit,Michigan
Email: blainester1@Yahoo.com

Dear Mrs. Rush: I'm a big fan of yours and your a very pretty lady and a terrific actress. I like to ask you if I can get an Autographed Picture of yourself? It would really mean a lot to me and I hope to hear from you real soon. Thanks so much.


Entry #260

Entry made November 11, 2004

Name: jenny
Location: washington
Email: jennylynn@yahoo.com


Entry #261

Entry made November 16, 2004

Name: Lee
Location: Missouri

Just dropping a line to wish you all the best in your continuing career.

Entry #262

Entry made November 18, 2004

Name: Lee T. Walker
Location: Missouri
Email: ltw03y@yahoo.com

All the best.

Entry #263

Entry made November 25, 2004

Name: colin parker
Location: middlesbrough, england
Email: colin@skguis.freeserve.co.uk

Hi Sarah,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed you in BG. I always hoped you'd get the bigger role you deserved. I also had a big crush on you.

Entry #264

Entry made December 20, 2004

Name: Sensei Caglar Singletary
Email: SarahMichelleGellarYSHUASCJKD@smgfan.com

Your Homepage: www.masterssite.com/rw.htm
Your Homepage Description: http://www.redrockrecords.com


FarewELl princess Sarah-Rush.

Entry #265

Entry made December 22, 2004

Name: Cassio
Location: Sao Paulo - Brazil
Email: cassinhopoa@terra.com.br

Great Mike!


Entry #266

Entry made December 24, 2004

Name: cwo2 dale b nace II
Location: etters pa
Email: wildcard2122000@yahoo.com

i was attached aboard uss america in 1976 attached to air wing 6 its a damm shame that our government uses the america for spare parts almost 30 years later i can remember still recall my shipmates weatherships company or air wing . i truely wish that the america could be a museam where a younger generation of americans can appericate what others have done to preserve the american way of life asnd those ship mates who in one way or another never made that extreme sacrifice for freedom and liberty i will always remember them in my heart

Entry #267

Entry made January 19, 2005

Name: bobby
Location: florida
Email: bobcat@ihavenoemail.com

Your Homepage: www.freewebs.com/dark-eclanforhalo
Your Homepage Description: a halo clan

sarah i really like this website alot. its a very cool place to look at the links and read the posts that are made every once in a while.


Entry #268

Entry made February 15, 2005

Name: Paul
Location: Tx
Email: paulnix51@yahoo.com

loved you in the original Galactica, and hope to see a guest appearnce on the new one. I follow the new series, but still remain loyal to the original. Take care.

Entry #269

Entry made March 2, 2005

Name: Michael
Location: Orange county, CA
Email: mjhorton@earthlink.net

Wishing Sarah all the best! What a doll from my youth, thanks for the memories!


Entry #270

Entry made March 4, 2005

Name: Sherry {Zollars}Cornwell
Location: Waynesburg, PA
Email: cornwells@gmail.com

Sarah, I'm so glad you are still doing something that seems to have always made you happy. We graduated from high school together, but did not run in the same groups. I caught a glimpse of you in the Coal Parade when the past queens were on the float. But I just want to say take care of yourself and I'll be watching for you on film. Great site.

Entry #271

Entry made March 14, 2005

Name: Sarah Rush
Location: Los Angeles

I just wanted to thank you all again for your encouragement and support! Our documentary "The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania" (w/Patricia Heaton producing and David Hunt directing) is finished and it's wonderful!
I'll keep everyone posted. God bless you.
Much love, Sarah Rush

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