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Entry #1

(by Webmaster)

Entry made March 1, 2001

Name: Mike Secord
Location: Brockville, ON Canada
Email: webmaster@sarahrush.com; webmaster@mikeswebsitedesign.net

Your Homepage: www.sarahrush.com
Your Homepage Description: This web site. (All about Sarah Rush)

I like the layout of this site and have many plans for improvements, but I wish time wasn't so hard to find. :o)

Message: (To Sarah)
Hi Sarah,

I hope you like this web site. One of your big fans, Paul, asked me about making a site for you. You can email Paul at eastern_sky_watcher@sarahrush.com, or you can contact him through his fan club at http://messageboard.sarahrush.com/.

Please email me when you have a chance to.


Entry #2

Removed by request

Entry #3

Entry made March 1, 2001

Name: Martin
Location: The Netherlands
Email: webmaster@battlestargalactica.net

Your Homepage: www.BattlestarGalactica.net
Your Homepage Description: The Source on finding Earth

All the Galactica info you will ever need is in here..

Message: (To Sarah)
I realy love this site... I am a very big Sarah rush fan.... Got almost all her movies :)

Hope to meet her in person some day..

(webmaster keep up the good work)

Reply by webmaster:
Thanks, I'll try to. :o)
Thanks for your help in the club.

Entry #4

Entry made March 9, 2001

Name: Ben Otto
Location: Moses Lake
Email: bfotto@email.com

I really liked Sarah Rush on Battlestar Galactica she is a great actress.

Entry #5

Entry made March 31, 2001

Name: Peter F. Bova
Location: Northford, CT.
Email: repeters11@home.com

Great site! Needs more pics. How about from the Happy Days episode?

Entry #6

Entry made April 6, 2001

Name: Joyce Winters
Location: Waynesburg, PA
Email: winjam@greenepa.net

It is alot of fun to see a website about Sarah.

Entry #7

Entry made April 7, 2001

Name: Ben Otto
Location: Moses Lake
Email: bfotto@yahoo.com

My most favorite actress on Battlestar Galactica !

Entry #8

Entry made April 21, 2001

Name: Emily Mize
Location: Texas
Email: countrytime@liespeopletell.com

Your Homepage: liespeopletell.com
Your Homepage Description: lies people tell

Check out www.LiesPeopleTell.com for strange stories and hot pics! free t-shirts

Entry #9

Entry made April 23, 2001

Name: Gary Washburg
Location: Atlanta, GA
Email: cylon22@earthlink.net

Hope to see Sarah in the new Battlestar Series. She has quite a few fans on the sc-fi channel bboard forum.

Entry #10

Entry made April 25, 2001

Name: Dale Gustin
Location: Simle Middle School
Email: dagustin@sendit.nodak.edu

Great looking website.I always wondered what happened to that gorgous Corpral Rigel!!!!

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #11

Entry made April 26, 2001

Name: Jay Snyder
Location: Minnesota
Email: bleacherbums@hotmail.com

Entry #12

Entry made May 1, 2001

Name: Chris Mason
Location: Golden Isles
Email: fisherking@thebest.net

Sarah is a 70's Icon thanx to BSG & those Long Pigtails!

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #13

Entry made May 14, 2001

Name: Roger Worsley
Location: London, United Kingdom
Email: rogerw@communitylinksbromley.org.uk

Entry #14

Entry made May 20, 2001

Name: Muffit
Location: California
Email: eediot@inreach.com

Great idea to have a web site for Sarah!

Message: (To Sarah)
Hi Sarah! I think you were wonderful in BSG! Not to mention gorgeous (and the pic on your web page proves it). Hope they will include you in the new series!!!


Entry #15

Entry made May 23, 2001

Name: Richard Orlowski
Location: Dunwoody, Georgia
Email: rdoglw@aol.com

Nice site, Sarah should be proud of what you have done. I want to see her on the bridge of the Galactica again.

Entry #16

Entry made May 27, 2001

Name: Baltar4
Location: LA

Great site! Good Luck Sarah.
Go for it and approach Desanto--He will be thrilled. He is a fan.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #17

Entry made May 27, 2001

Name: Jupiter2
Location: Plano, TX

Let me also extend my best wishes to Sarah and my hope that she will once again grace the bridge of the mighty Galactica. Go Tom DeSanto, go!

Entry #18

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: T.Shawn Hardy
Location: Canada
Email: tshawnhardy@beer.com

It's great.she looks better now.

Message: (To Sarah)

Entry #19

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: Daniel Sweeney
Location: Placentia, California
Email: DanielSweeney8@hotmail.com

Message: (To Sarah)
Well Sarah, I hope if they finally do return one of the greatest shows back to TV, I hope you will be in the show on the bridge. I can still remeber your clear voice when you utterd the those famous lines "transfering launch control to fighter probe, launch when ready"! That was obviously in the first 3 hour show. You really do have a clear voice and could hear you clearly. Hopefully we will see you next year in the shows return.                           Daniel Sweeney

Entry #20

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: Michael Faries
Location: Los Gatos, California, U.S.A.
Email: webmaster@battlestargalactica.com

Your Homepage: www.battlestargalactica.com
Your Homepage Description: BattlestarGalactica.com

"Launch when ready" indeed. You have been a beloved character recognized for many yahrens on television's "Battlestar Galactica" (BSG) -- and I hope to see you return to the G in the series' return in 2002. Know that you have a lot of fans who appreciate and admire you for your work in BSG and your other television/movie work, too. (Kudos to the webmaster, too, for putting together this terrific web site.)

Entry #21

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: Hedi
Location: Finland

Hi Sarah. Yes, we want you back on the new BG series. Tom DeSanto must take you back.

Entry #22

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: LucianG
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

It would be great to see Sarah on the bridge of the Battlestar Galactica again in the new series! Mr. DeSanto and Mr. Singer, please seriously consider including her in the new production. After all these yahrens, she should have gotten at least one or two promotions as well!


Entry #23

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: Brinn 71
Location: Canada
Email: brinn71@home.com

Your Homepage: mercenaries-the-series.com

Hope to see you back for the new Galactica show!

Brinn 71

Entry #24

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: Dan Osten
Location: Oil City, PA
Email: tabatha_1@msn.com

I hope to see you on the new upcoming BSG series. How can they think of launching a viper without you. P.S. Make sure they give you a promotion. ;)

Entry #25

Entry made May 29, 2001

Name: Mark Vaassen
Location: Hamburg/Germany
Email: sagitarra@yahoo.de

Launch when ready...!!!

Bring back BSG with as many of the original cast as possible. BSG RULES the science fiction genre!!!

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