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Sarah likes getting fan mail. She reads everything and tries to reply to all emails, but due to her schedule, she may not have time to reply to everything. To make it easier for her, there is a maximum size to this message. The maximum is 1500 characters (what can fit inside the box below). The more brief and to the point your message is, the easier it will be for her to send a reply. This also provides a way for others to contact Sarah for professional reasons.

Some people like to send harrassing messages to celebrities. If this is your plan, you better read this first.

For Sarah's safety and peace of mind, a copy of all messages sent to her by this form is also sent to Mike, the webmaster of this site. I understand that some messages will be private and I do not read the messages in full. I take a quick glance at them and if the message appears harrassing in any way, it will be investigated and/or reported to authorities. My copy includes various info to help track down the sender if needed. All legitimate messages are deleted from my files.

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